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    From whichever angle you approach the issue – educational, pastoral, financial or the strategic business perspective – optimal performance of the instrument fleet should be a primary target for any educational establishment. Having better instruments of the appropriate quality, in perfect condition, available to your students more of the time, is good news for the student, the music teacher, the bursar/finance director, principal and marketing team alike.

    A well-managed instrument portfolio, with a planned maintenance and renewal/replacement schedule delivers:
    •  Better academic results
    •  Greater musicality
    •  More confident performance
    •  Positive enthusiasm for practice
    •  Better use of capital
    •  Distinct competitive advantage

    managed services.

    Focus on artistic creativity

    While many instruments are built to last a lifetime, most provide their best artistic performance in the earliest years. By upgrading fleets with newer instruments, our leasing schemes remove the burden and cost of running an old fleet – our clients only pay for the benefit they gain from their instruments in the first few years and not the lifetime cost.

    Our leasing services remove the risk and burden of obsolescence, dilapidation, repairs, servicing, and maintenance of instruments from our clients who are left only to enjoy the artistic benefits. Our service transforms client access and affordability to the best music facilities.

    Tailored solutions

    Following a consultation, we will design a scheme that uniquely meets your requirements. No detail is omitted – from payment schedules to upgrades and maintenance, everything about the package is tailored to suit your unique needs.

    Our unique Rent to Own solution is ideal where the acquisition and ownership of instruments is important in the long run, and is also the perfect answer to managing a rental scheme for your students.

    Choose a term from 1 to 5 years, and we can build a framework which works for your department. Class sets, single instruments (for example rare breeds) and everything in between can be accommodated. If you would like to run your own rental scheme for students we can help by providing just the right instrument at the right time with our flexible offering.

    We can even take complete control of your rental scheme and remove all administration costs for you whilst ensuring that students have brand new instruments at whatever stage of their journey, with the option to return or upgrade when they need to, or to take ownership at the end of their agreement.