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    Yamaha B1 upright piano

    Reliable overstrung upright piano ideal for practice rooms.


    • Full size 88-note keyboard with light responsive action
    • Compact modern case made from polished ebony
    • No castors or lid lock
    • Silent hybrid model available with all new SC2 Silent system


    The B1 upright is the smallest model in the Yamaha range of acoustic pianos and a beautifully made instrument. Like all Yamaha pianos, it has been carefully designed by a team of experienced piano builders and benefits from their unparalleled expertise. As a result, despite its size, the B1 upright piano has a nicely weighted and responsive keyboard, and produces a sweet, clear tone.

    It has what is commonly referred to as a modern style case. This simply means that the instrument is compact, has an angled front panel, and does without the front legs found on taller, more traditionally styled instruments. This design makes the B1 popular among those with limited space and is ideal for installation in practice rooms that requires manoeuvring the piano around tight corners or up flights of stairs.

    This instrument is also available as a Silent model, a concept that Yamaha popularised during the 1980s. This technology has developed and improved dramatically in the intervening years and is now an option on virtually all Yamaha acoustic piano models. By depressing the middle pedal and moving it to the left (which fixes it in place) an internal mechanism is employed to stop the hammers from hitting the strings.

    This effectively retains a good deal of the acoustic piano keyboard feel whilst producing no acoustic sound at all. Sensors under the keys now make the piano act as a digital keyboard and trigger high quality samples of a Yamaha concert instrument that can be heard by plugging headphones or speakers into a socket on the attached sound module.

    The B1 is part of a range of acoustic pianos which encompass the larger B2 and B3 models as well as their hybrid counterparts, all of which are produced in Yamaha’s bespoke factory in Indonesia. Build quality is superb and we regularly receive glowing reports of these pianos’ durability and longevity.


    WIDTH 148cm (58 1/4")
    HEIGHT 109cm (43")
    DEPTH 54cm (21 1/4")
    WEIGHT 174kg (383lbs)