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    Yamaha C1X grand piano

    Popular baby grand piano ideal for homes and smaller concert venues.


    • Recently redesigned for greater tone clarity and resonance
    • Top quality wires and felts for a responsive action
    • Fully functioning sostenuto pedal
    • 3-position lid prop and wide music desk


    At 5’3’’ the Yamaha C1X grand is a relatively small piano, but its exceptional build quality provides characterful tone and makes for a satisfying performance and practice instrument. It is part of the X series, a recently redesigned range of the ever popular Conservatoire grand pianos. After almost 20 years of research and development, Yamaha have made some important changes for these revamped models.

    New piano wire improves the middle registers dramatically, giving extra levels of sustain and sympathetic resonance, and the hammers are now made with the same European sourced felt as the concert pianos which results in a finely nuanced attack and superb tonal clarity. Yamaha have also redesigned the soundboard crown with a new thickened back frame for huge resonance and much improved structural support.

    The C1X has a full sostenuto pedal mechanism, 3 position prop stick for the lid and a wide music desk, suitable for large scores. As a baby grand, it does not have the full range of tonal colour that one might expect from a larger instrument, but for its size, the designers have achieved something quite remarkable. It has justifiably become the domestic piano of choice for serious musicians all over the world.


    WIDTH 149cm (59")
    HEIGHT 101cm (40")
    DEPTH 160cm (5’ 3")
    WEIGHT 638lbs