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    Yamaha C3 grand piano

    From Stock

    Hugely popular and the industry standard Yamaha grand piano


    • 6'1 in length with Alaskan Spruce soundboard, 88 keys and 3 pedals including sostenuto
    • High quality Japanese manufacture including bespoke CX hammers
    • Solid Alaskan Spruce soundboard and uniquely positioned backposts for enhanced resonance
    • Part of the recently redesigned CX range and a much improved piano over the C3L and C3M models


    Yamaha's C3X is certainly what you would call an 'industry standard' grand piano. For a 6-foot performance or practice piano you can do no better, especially when you compare performance versus price. The C3 grand piano is a cornerstone for Yamaha, and whilst the company produce a range of larger and hand built grand pianos, the Yamaha C3 is incredibly important - a 6' grand piano will find itself in living rooms, practice rooms, class rooms as well as performance halls, churches and universities.

    The sound quality is rich and expressive, the touch is very even and controlled too making the piano a very satisfying instrument to play. It is one of the most well known models in the entire Yamaha range and as such is a model that we always try to keep in stock, prepared and ready to try on our showroom floor alongside various other C series pianos, both new and second hand.