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    Yamaha C5X grand piano

    A great choice of smaller performance instrument, equally suited to a school auditorium.


    • 6'7 in length with a soundboard crafted from Austrian spruce for enhanced warmth and depth of tone
    • Crafted in Japan from the finest materials including bespoke hammers and high quality European stringing wire


    The next size up from the popular C3X model, there are a couple of key differences between the model. Firstly and most obviously, the C5X is 6 inches longer than the C3X at 6 foot 7 inches in length, and as such benefits from longer strings and a larger soundboard area. Secondly and most importantly, its soundboard is crafted from mature Austrian spruce, the result being a warmer and more resonant tone than produced by the Alaskan spruce soundboard of the smaller C3X. Recent enhancements to the C Series grand pianos also include bespoke hammers, European stringing wire and a unique configuration of back-posts to improve stability and projection.

    Large enough to produce the tone required of a performance instrument yet small enough to fit in a larger domestic home and in the corner of the stage, the C5X has always and continues to be an excellent choice for domestic and educational use.

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    • 6'7 CX series grand piano
    • 88 note Yamaha piano action
    • Ivorite white keys & WPC black keys
    • 3 pedals - sustain, sostenuto, soft
    • CX Series special hammers
    • 3 legs with single brass castors
    • Locking lid and fallboard
    • Soft closing fallboard
    • 3 lid positions
    • 4 backposts
    • V-Pro frame