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    Yamaha C7X grand piano

    The largest model in the CX series at 7'6 in length.


    • A semi-concert grand piano designed for a larger performance space with stunning projection and resonance
    • An expansive soundboard area with specially designed backposts gives a rich and resonant tone, second only to a concert grand
    • Fitted with bespoke CX hammers, based on those utilised in the CFX concert grand piano
    • Available as a Silent piano for private practice via headphones or easy amplification


    The Yamaha C7X is the top of the range CX series instrument, and is a perfect choice for the larger school hall or concert venue, and have been selected by prestigious recording studios. Previously known as the C7, C7L and C7M, the C7X offers an enhanced design with a thicker backframe for improved resonance, a specially designed shape of soundboard crown for optimum projection and European stringing wire. Second only to a concert grand, the C7X is an instrument of sublime beauty and with clean, modern lines and a such refinements as a soft closing keyboard fall, is a stunning addition to the concert stage, school auditorium or larger domestic home.


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    • 7'6 CX series grand piano
    • 88 note keyboard
    • Ivorite (satin) white keys
    • Natural ebony black keys
    • 3 pedals - damper, sostenuto and soft
    • Newly developed C series bespoke hammers
    • 3 position lid prop
    • Soft closing keyboard fall
    • Lockable lid and keyboard fall, supplied with 2 keys