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    Yamaha U3 upright piano

    Industry standard 131cm upright piano.


    • Unique floating soundboard design for superb resonance
    • Soft close fall and centre sostenuto pedal
    • High quality construction throughout
    • Popular practice and performance upright


    The Yamaha U3 is a favourite upright piano model for musicians in both domestic and educational settings. It is highly regarded in its capacity as a heavy use practice workhorse and is also a very capable performance instrument. The material and build quality ensure an enviable dynamic range from expressive pianissimo to explosive forte.

    Since 2002, Yamaha have incorporated their unique floating joint design in its construction which allows the solid spruce soundboard to vibrate more freely, so producing the superior tone and sustain for which the U3 has become well known.

    While most upright pianos on the market these days feature a muffler pedal for practice, the U3’s central pedal operates a fully functioning sostenuto mechanism. Like many grand pianos, this feature allows the player to selectively sustain notes, thereby making for more technical and expressive performances of romantic and modern repertoire. Along with its size and tone quality, the sostenuto pedal means the U3 outperforms many smaller grand pianos.


    WIDTH 153cm (60 1/4")
    HEIGHT 131cm (51 1/2")
    DEPTH 65cm (25 1/2")
    WEIGHT 246kg (542lbs)